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About the Program

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Unispark's Cloud Computing Program is designed to help students master Microsoft Azure Technology.

The program features industry-recognized certification-based curriculum and provides personalized support to help college students become job-ready. Microsoft Azure program provides college students with valuable resources and opportunities to gain practical skills and knowledge in cloud computing, increasing their employability and career prospects.

Program Details

Course Curriculum
  • Course-1

    AZ 900: Azure Fundamentals

    Fundamental Level

  • Course-2

    DP 900: Azure Data Fundamentals

    Fundamental Level

  • Course-3

    AZ 204: Azure Developer Associate

    Associate Level

  • Course Completion Certificate

    You will get individual certificates for each mentioned course after clearing certification examination along with program completion certificate after completing minimum 80% program.

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Get Ahead with industry recognized certification.

Every student will receive individual certificates for each course and a program completion certificate.

Learning Path

Unispark Cloud Computing Program overview

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  • Cloud computing and its benefits
  • Different cloud computing models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud models
  • Understand core Azure architectural components (regions, availability zones, resource groups, subscriptions)

  • Core Azure compute services (virtual machines, App Service, Azure Functions, containers)
  • Core Azure storage services (blob storage, file storage, table storage, queue storage)
  • Azure database services (Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL)
  • Azure networking services (Virtual Network, Load Balancer, VPN Gateway, Azure DNS)

  • Azure security features (Identity and Access Management, Azure Security Center, Azure Key Vault)
  • Azure privacy and data protection standards (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)
  • Azure compliance standards (ISO, SOC, PCI DSS)
  • Azure monitoring and reporting capabilities (Azure Monitor, Azure Advisor, Azure Service Health)

  • Azure pricing models (Pay-As-You-Go, Reserved Instances, Azure Hybrid Benefit)
  • Azure subscriptions, management groups, and billing
  • Azure support plans and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Azure service lifecycles (preview, general availability, end of life)

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  • Types of data (Relational and non-relational data, and structured and unstructured data)
  • How to work with relational data in Azure (Including Azure SQL Database and Azure Synapse Analytics)
  • How to work with non-relational data in Azure (Including Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Data Lake Storage)
  • How to work with streaming data in Azure (Including Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Event Hubs)
  • Data Processing and Data Analytics

  • Build a modern data warehouse in Azure using Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Build a big data solution in Azure using Azure HDInsight and Azure Databricks
  • Build a machine learning solution in Azure using Azure Machine Learning

  • Azure Data Factory to orchestrate data movement and transformation
  • Azure Data Catalog to discover and understand data assets in Azure
  • Azure Data Share to share data with other organizations securely

  • Concepts of analytics and how to work with them on Azure.
  • How to provision and configure an analytics workload on Azure.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot an analytics workload on Azure.

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  • Developing Azure App Service Web Apps
  • Developing Azure App Service Functions
  • Developing Azure App Service Logic Apps
  • Developing Azure Container Instances
  • Developing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) solutions
  • Implementing Azure Batch solutions
  • Implementing Azure Functions

  • Developing solutions that use Cosmos DB storage
  • Developing solutions that use Blob storage
  • Developing solutions that use Azure Queue Storage
  • Developing solutions that use Azure Table storage

  • Implementing authentication and authorization
  • Implementing secure cloud solutions
  • Implementing security for storage solutions
  • Monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting Azure solutions

  • Monitoring Azure solutions
  • Troubleshooting Azure solutions
  • Optimizing Azure solutions

Developing solutions that use Azure Service Bus

  • Developing solutions that use Azure Event Grid
  • Developing solutions that use Azure Event Hub
  • Developing solutions that use Azure Notification Hub
  • Developing solutions that use Azure Time Series Insights
  • Developing solutions that use Azure Stream Analytics
  • Developing solutions that use Azure Cognitive Services

Placement Partner

For Institutions

  • Inclusive Azure subscription with Lab services.
  • Discounts on certifications.
  • Association with InfiSpark as Microsoft Global Training Partner.
  • Placement opportunities for students after 80% completion of training.
  • InfiSpark has collaborated with monster.com and multiple industry leader under Future Ready Ready Program (optional).
For Students

  • Live classes.
  • Enrolment to Future Ready Program, initiative by Microsoft.
  • Hands-on-learning experience and 150+ hours practical learning.
  • Certified industry experts on board to train the students.
  • Job Assistance.
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