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Our services and programs unlock new opportunities for education advancement.

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Providing customized end-to-end program management services with an access to institutes and student communities that strengthen teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom which increases the overall effectiveness of higher-education entities.

CSR Donors

Working with CSR donors by designing, improving, and transforming a multi-lingual customized training approach, placing a premium on equity, inclusion, and the elevation of a sustainable educational programs to reach undervalued communities.

Educational Institutions

Helping higher education stakeholders reimagine the future by designing and implementing training strategies in association with corporates and certified trainers to upskill students that improve student outcomes, enabling better skills, and enhancing Digital Transformation of Institutes.

Academic Collaborator

Strengthening higher education learners by upskilling them in the latest tools and technologies with industry certifications that makes them job-ready. Also, providing opportunities to showcase ideas and innovations by introducing them to brands, student communities and industry connects.

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Individuals upskilled and empowered across nation.

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Building your learning path to a tech-savvy future.

Our unique initiative

India’s first coding boot camp for Women.

Infispark is a unique initiative by Infispark aims at encouraging more women to take up careers in IT, by upskilling the candidates and presenting them with fruitful placement opportunities.


Providing our services to some of the world's premium institutions.

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